A Heritage M.E.A.L

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take part in A Heritage M.E.A.L this year. Prior to being asked to volunteer my time on a couple of design projects, I didn’t know a whole lot about the event. After talking with Emily Brown and Shannon Courtney about what they needed and doing some research on the event, I decided this was definitely something I wanted to support, but even more than that – I wanted to attend.

After some collaboration with the girls and getting their designs hammered out, the big evening arrived! To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. The event was fascinating. I learned so much about the farmers and their work on our Island and loved every moment of it. Some of the speakers were serious and fact driven, while other were entertaining while still educational. To note a couple, Sarah Bennetto O’Brien of Scapes, a new restaurant opening in Borden Carleton had her son with her. As she shared her excitement for her new venture, he spun in circles and played about at the front of the room beside her. To which she followed up with a joke about him getting all his energy from locally grown produce. It was perfect.  Another speaker that stuck with me was Ranald MacFarlane. My only thought was that although I was taking pictures – the only way to capture this mans passion for his job is through video. That being said, all the presenters were top notch – the information and sneak peek into their jobs and livelihood was invaluable. From presentations about Prohibition in the early 1900’s to harvesting garlic at Eureka farms – it was just an all around great event.

They closed out the evening with a buffet style meal. It consisted of vegetables, spreads, soups, pastries, and much more all locally grown and generously supplied by the farmers themselves.

I strongly recommend attending next year if you have a chance!


PS: To clarify, Allyson was off working on another project so I borrowed her back-up camera, figuring I’d take a few shots of the event for blogging purposes. I quickly realized that photography is hard, and I am NOT a photographer. Please, enjoy my blurry masterpieces below!