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We’re a two sister photography & design team from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Armed with lush green grass, rolling red dirt roads, and the deepest blue waters as the backdrop to our inspiration, we strive to provide top quality products and resources for our clients and fellow creatives!

In Depth

Paynter & Company is a two sister photography and design team. We’ve been offering these services individually for about five years while running our own freelance businesses.

Recently we’ve decided to join forces and re-evaluate what our long-term goals are and what we’d like to offer our clients. We’ve concluded that we want to offer a unique experience; one that radiates excitement and encourages sharing. We want to get to know our clients one on one and strive to meet their every need.

We’ve both been passionate about creativity and helping others since we were children. I spent hours doodling and once even took part in a small program aimed at turning young children into entrepreneurs. It was called the “Who wants to be a Millionaire Program” at the time,however I believe they’re now called the “Young Millionaires Program”. The purpose was for us to choose a field that interested us and try to build a small business around it over the course of a summer. They gave us $150 for start up capital and we were supposed to make a profit. I sold freehand drawings that I framed at sidewalk sales and saw very little success.I did sell a few and I do think it’s pretty neat that work I completed when I was about 12 years old is out there in someone’s home. The program served it’s purpose though; this small taste of independence and entrepreneurship gave me athirst for more.

Two years later, Allyson also took part in the program. She saw better results and hers was a partnership with our cousin, Tara – creating candles, bracelets, and potpourri. All things she still does to this day and sells at a family owned gift shop called Sea Garden Gifts & Gallery in Spring Brook.

Not long after completing the program she took an interest in photography. Armed with the experience she acquired she took to selling her work at craft fairs and to family and friends under the name “Clear View Photography”. Most of the images were popular local landmarks and surrounding scenery. This generated a lot of interest from our family and locals and only fueled Allyson’s passion and desire to learn more.

So after completing High School in Kensington, Allyson dove directly into her passion and was accepted into Holland College’s Photography and Digital Imaging course. She loved all the challenges and excelled in the environment they fostered.

During this time I was on a much different path. I had taken a job at a local Pool Supply store and was working my way into management. Bythe end of my 3rd season with the company I was Assistant Manager. I would do deliveries between two locations, train staff, unload trucks, test customer’s water – but none of this was fulfilling. My boss at the time, Sue – encouraged me to take on every creative opportunity there was in the business. I re-typed and designed all their forms and paperwork, created in-store signage, and she even asked for my input on many of our marketing materials that local companies were designing for us. That was easily the most satisfying part of my job. During my last summer with the pool company, I asked if it were possible to have every Wednesday off to start attending art classes. During these classes I painted Sue a picture. It was to show my gratitude and I gave it to her as a Christmas gift. I had taken weeks, made something for someone else, poured myself into it. Giving her this gift was probably the defining moment when I realized I wasn’t on the right path and needed to apply to return to school.

In September of 2010, I began the Interactive Multimedia course at Holland College. While it was one of the most challenging years of my life personally, it’s also the year I felt most complete. My teacher and classmates are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the good fortune to meet and be able to call my friends. I hate to sound cheesy (ok, I’m lying) but I’d spend every day with them if it were possible.

Once Allyson completed Photography & Digital Imaging in 2009 she began operating under the business name “Allyson Paynter Photography”. Since then she’s had studios in both Kensington and Charlottetown and has loved the experience. I graduated from Interactive Multimedia in 2011 and immediately launched Infinity Creative. Through our experiences we’ve learned so much and had the opportunity to work together on various projects. These experiences gave birth to the idea of Paynter & Company. What’s better than being sisters, friends, and creative partners? We now have clients coast to coast and can’t wait for more!

In closing, we welcome you to Paynter & Company. We hope you find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions at all, never hesitate to email or call Allyson or myself.

Thank you for all your support!


Ashley Paynter

Ashley Paynter

Graphic / Web Design

Allyson Paynter

Allyson Paynter

Photography / Digital Imaging

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