Where should I print my pictures?

This is easily one of the most asked questions that we get.

While I always recommend a Professional Print Lab – there are a couple questions you can ask yourself to determine whether it’s really necessary.

What are the pictures being used for?

If you’re images are being printed no larger than 5×7 for use in an album or to include with a Christmas Card I would suggest printing them at a kiosk. There are varying qualities of Kiosks, but we highly recommend going to Shoppers Drug Mart. There are numerous locations on the island and they tend to produce the best color quality. If you’re looking for a size over 8×10, you can order online – but read more about this below. Always keeping mind that the colors you see on screen can vary from what you’ll receive in print (unless your monitor is calibrated to that specific printer). For example, if we print at Walmart we typically have to lighten up the images using Photoshop beforehand because they tend to print darker than intended.

Are they going to be enlarged?

If you’re planning to display your photographs in a frame or gift them for someone else to display, we always recommend printing at a professional lab. We order ours from a Canadian company called Technicare and they usually arrive in 5-7 business days. The quality is outstanding, and colors are crisp and they offer a variety of laminating and mounting services to protect your print. You’ll also have the flexibility to print custom sizes and a variety of stock options such as Canvas Prints or Float Wraps.

Hope this is helpful and will guide you in the right direction! Never hesitate to contact us to learn more.